How It Works

  1. Select your time and complete the booking process on our 'Book Now' page 

  2. You will receive a confirmation email with the code for the entrance gate to access the field. Please make sure you remember this code when you arrive for your time slot. 

  3. Arrive at The Dog Orchard and park on the hard standing parking area to the left hand side of the entrance. 

  4. Check to ensure the previous user of the field is not still in the field or car park. If you arrive early and the field is occupied please wait in your car until the previous user has exited the field and entered their vehicle. Some dogs may be reactive so this is for you and your dogs safety.

  5. Ensure your dogs are securely on a lead when you exit your vehicle. Please keep your dogs on a lead until you have entered the field and securely closed the gate behind you. 

  6. Enter the code from the confirmation email into the black combination lock and enter the field, make sure the gate is closed securely behind you. 

  7. Please clean up after your dogs using the biodegradable poo bags and dog poo bins provided. 

  8. Enjoy your time in the field with your dogs! 

  9. Please exit the field at least 5 minutes before the hour slot is complete. This is for the safety of the dogs and their owners and to ensure there is no overlap of users.