The Field

The Dog Orchard field is a 2.5 acre area of apple orchard and grassland with a dog secure 1.8 m high fence surrounding the field. It is the perfect place to allow your dog to exercise freely off the lead without the worry of them running off or meeting other dogs. With a mixture of apple orchard and grassland in a parkland style landscape it is a pleasure to walk through for both you and your dog. There is also a shelter with views across the field and orchards, which provides a great place to sit down, relax and watch your dogs enjoy the environment. It also provides shelter from sudden showers.

You do not need to have a dog to book the field. If you would like to book a slot to enjoy some space, peace and quiet in beautiful surroundings, you are welcome to do so. Maybe for a quiet walk, to practice yoga or meditation, to sit and sketch or paint or to meet a friend for a gentle walk and a chat.

The field has a combination lock gate for access. Upon booking you will receive the code for the access gate via the confirmation email. There is all weather parking next to the entrance of the field to give you space to unload your dogs from your vehicle. We do ask that you keep your dogs on a lead whilst exiting your vehicle until you have entered the field and ensured the gate is closed behind you. This is to ensure safety of your dogs, pedestrians and other road users.

There is a drinking water tap attached to the fence on the left hand side as you enter the field so you and your dogs can remain hydrated whilst using the field. 


Within the shelter you will find a provision of biodegradable dog waste bags that you are welcome to use. There are also bins provided around the field to dispose of any dog waste. We do ask you to please be vigilant and clear up after your dogs so the field remains clean for future users of the field. You are welcome to bring your own dog waste bags, but please ensure they are biodegradable as the waste is used sustainably on the farm. Please do not put other waste into these bins.

The Dog Orchard contains apple trees, many of which are over 60 years old. You are welcome to pick a few apples from the trees whilst using the field, being considerate to leave some for other people. They make a great nutritious treat or fun toy to throw for your dogs. However, please do take care of the trees as there is a lot of weight on the branches when laden with apples, meaning they can be easily damaged by any additional weight. Please do not climb the trees. The trees are mainly Discovery apples and produce fruit during August and into September as well as producing lots of beautiful blossom in the spring for you to enjoy. 

Once your dogs have had the exercise they require and you are ready to leave the field, please put them back on their leads and ensure the access gate is closed securely behind you. Please ensure you have left the field within your time slot to respect the following booking. Please do not drop litter and take any rubbish home with you.

We hope you and your dogs have a very enjoyable time using The Dog Orchard and feel free to contact us if you have any questions or queries.

Perfect For...

  • Exercising your dog where there is no risk they will be pestered by other dogs

  • Gaining confidence letting your dog off the lead 

  • If your dog's recall is not as good as you would like it to be

  • Training your dog in an environment without distractions

  • If your dog is unsociable with other dogs 

  • If your dog is in season and cannot mix with male dogs 

  • If you enjoy walking your dog in a rural, hassle free environment

  • Anyone that enjoys eating apples...


Dog Training

Award winning dog trainer Leanne owns and runs The Ipswich Dog Trainer.

Fully qualified, insured and DBS checked Leanne only uses force free, positive reinforcement methods to train you dog. Services offered include 1-2-1 training, 1-2-1 puppy courses, puppy classes, advanced classes, socialisation walks (at The Dog Orchard), Understanding Canine Body Language courses and Reactive Rascals courses. 


You can view all credentials, get more information and make bookings via her website:

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